Teaching and Online Teaching

Hannah is now reintroducing a phased return to in-person teaching by request, whilst continuing her teaching online via Zoom. If you’ve got a violin in your attic and would like to take up a new lockdown hobby, why not get in touch if you’d like to book a trial lesson. There are no distance barriers to online teaching, so wherever you are, why not give it a go today?

Safety measures for in person lessons include enhanced cleaning before and after each student, provision of hand sanitiser and handwashing immediately upon arrival. All students and teacher wear a face covering throughout the lesson. Additionally, an air purifier with a true-HEPA filter removing all contaminants down to 0.3 microns (Coronavirus aerosols vary in size between 0.7-10 microns) is running throughout each lesson. Currently in-person lessons are on a fortnightly basis to minimise number of contacts per week.

Online Lesson FAQ’s:

What platform do you use?

Zoom is a free application available for download on a PC or Mac and for smartphone or tablet.

What equipment do you use to ensure the best experience for your students?

I have invested in a Blue Yeti microphone, widely considered the best USB microphone available for this purpose. I use a Razer Kiyo HD webcam, specifically designed for online streaming. While the sound quality can vary depending on your internet connection, this equipment ensures that the relay from my end is as good as it can possibly be.

What do you charge for online lessons?

Please contact me for full information on my lesson fees.

I’ve got an old violin and I only want to do this as a hobby for a short while. Can I book a set number of online lessons only?

Of course! If you just want to learn some basics, or would like to ‘play that tune’, why don’t you get in touch and we can discuss how you could achieve this with a temporary course of lessons?

What if I can’t tune my own violin?

We will tune the violin together at the beginning of a lesson. If the student is a young child it helps to have a parent available for this. I also recommend downloading the free INSTuner app for your phone or tablet. So far, all of my students have been able to successfully tune their own instruments each lesson.

Do online lessons work?

As long as I can see and hear you reasonably well, an online lesson can be just as beneficial as an in-person one. You will still benefit from the same quality of advice and receive your lesson notes via email. I will still demonstrate to you. Make sure you are receiving the lesson over a stable internet connection. If you have an ethernet cable, this can really help.

Hannah has benefited from the expertise of some of Europe’s finest pedagogues including David Takeno, Rodney Friend, Boris Kuschnir and Mateja Marinkovic. She was also taught by Barrie Moore, one of the UK’s leading experts in beginner tuition and an advocate of the Suzuki method.

Hannah teaches violin in Worcestershire and is interested in tutoring students of all ages and abilities. Please get in touch for more information.

What do Parents and Students Say?

“An inspiring musician and a skilled, patient and encouraging teacher, Hannah has given me the very best start to violin playing.” – Lande, Adult Student

“Even though my daughter has only been with Hannah for about four months, I have seen a huge improvement with her playing. Hannah has a very professional attitude to her teaching and a great understanding when guiding young students. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, knowing that she would produce exceptional new young professional players.” – David, Dad of Emily, Student (9)

“Hannah is really helpful, I’ve learned a lot – she’s the best violin teacher I’ve had”. – Will, Student (11)

“I really enjoy my violin lessons with Hannah. We work very hard in the lesson and I can see that my playing is getting much better. She is a really good teacher.” – Hugo, Student (12)

“Hannah has been a fabulous teacher for my son, inspiring him to play more and improve on his sound production and technique. He now wants to practice to achieve more and has become so much more confident. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a teacher.”- Erica, Mum of Hugo